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Caring for your Sterling silver jewellery

Looking after your new (and old) silver jewellery is important and relatively simple. There are a few easy and inexpensive ways in which you can achieve this and we will take a look at the most simple first. Please note: It is important to read this entire document before cleaning your jewellery - especially if you are uncertain.

Cleaning your Sterling Silver & Gemstone Jewellery

NEVER soak jewellery containing porous stones in water (soapy or otherwise) or a chemical cleaner, as this will result in the stone changing colour and losing its natural lustre. Please continue to find out more.

To clean jewellery with non-porous stones (soft or hard stones) in water, fill a small bowl with lukewarm water and add a little washing up liquid. Make sure the water isn't hot, as this could possibly loosen gemstones that have been fixed using an adhesive. Using an old soft toothbrush, gently scrub your silver and gemstones until you have removed the dirt and grime from your jewellery. Rinse under lukewarm (not hot) water and dry with a clean lint-free cloth. Stones that are safe to clean in water include: Amethyst, aquamarine, black onyx, citrine, cubic zirconia, diamond, garnet, jade, peridot, rainbow moonstone, ruby, sapphire, smokey quartz, topaz and tourmaline.

General Sterling Silver & Gemstone Care:

NEVER wear your Sterling silver jewellery in a chlorine-treated pool, spa or Jacuzzi, as chlorine will darken your silver jewellery. The discolouration will depend upon the strength of the chlorine in the water and the length of time you spend in it.

Taking a dip at the seaside will also darken/dull your silver jewellery, as salt will corrode the silver over time.

Always leave your shiny goodies at home if you plan to take a dip!

Acidic foods, grease and oil, hair spray, perfume, makeup and prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, moisture and humidity are also major causes of jewellery discolouration and tarnishing. The occasional clean, following the above guidelines, is all that is needed to keep your jewellery sparkling and tarnish-free for many years.